Working for Improved Animal Welfare

Working for Improved Animal Welfare

John is an active member of the Animal Welfare Intergroup which is one of the first-established and longest running in the European Parliament. Over the years, it has become more and more not only a forum of debate but also a catalyst for action. It has been at the forefront of new initiatives like the EU ban on the import and trade of seal products or the call for a ban on the cloning of animals for food supply which has been strongly supported.

John has hosted several events and  spoken at many more including:-

Cetacean bycatch – Every year, the numbers of sea birds, dolphins, whales and porpoises getting entangled in fishing gear remain unacceptably high. Those animals unable to free themselves will endure horrific deaths, suffering serious injuries while struggling to escape and eventually suffocating underwater.

Stop Live Transport –  backed campaign calling on the European Parliament to investigate the inhumane transportation of animals across the EU

End Pig Pain – backed campaign calling for an end to Piglets raised in barren and overcrowded environments undergoing routine tail docking, tooth clipping and unnecessary castration

Voted for a World wide ban on testing of cosmetics and cosmetic products on animals – the European Union has announced that animal testing for cosmetics will be banned in all 28 member states.

Under the new rules, manufacturers will not be allowed to test any product, or the ingredients used to make it, on animals in any EU country. Imported products will also have to be proven to be entirely cruelty-free before they can enter the European market.



John has pledged 100% support to the Compassion in World Farming campaign, launched today (25/9/18), to “end the cage age”  by banning all animal cages for farm animals.