It seems likely that due to the impasse in
Westminster the UK may need to contend the European Elections one last time.
John is clear he would have preferred to Leave on 29th March as was promised by
both Labour & Conservative manifestos. However the Westminster Parliament
decided to ignore the referendum result. John has always believed that while
the UK is in the E.U it is important to be fully engaged in the decision
making. He takes the view “If there is a job to be done lets do it really
this will be his attitude as long as he serves the East of England as
an MEP.

John is in no doubt that properly leaving
the European Union is in the best interests of both the East of England
constituency and the UK as a whole. It represents a once in a generation
opportunity to re-shape Britain into a globally focused Country that truly
works for everyone, not just some metropolitan self declared elite.

John says “The way in which the EU
has negotiated over the nearly three years since the referendum – when more
people voted to LEAVE than have ever voted for anything else before in the
history of our Country, has driven many previously cautious Remain voters to
now support Brexit. This is encouraging as the Country must come together,
shrug off the attitude of “managed decline”, forge new trading links
across the globe and take back our rightful place as the fifth largest economy
on the world stage.”